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UTC’s new head basketball coach gets a freshly painted office to welcome him to town, locker rooms and other offices get a makeover along the way

Tim Payne Painting has had numerous projects with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in both the Facilities Department and Housing Departments. One notable endeavor being the McKenzie Arena. Inside, we have completed the following areas; stairwells, hallways, Basketball Coach’s office, Assistant Coach’s office, Coach’s Secretary’s office, two Track Coach offices, two Soccer Coach offices, the Marketing and Development Room, and more to come very soon! We are excited and proud of these projects, and are turning our focus more on University work for 2015 and beyond.

A new Head Basketball Coach came to UTC this year and we had the honor of giving his office a fresh paint job! He was the Associate Head Coach for the University of Florida before he came to town, and during his reign at UF, two National Championships were won. But when the Head Coach took a job with the Oklahoma City Thunder, he left UF as well. We are glad we could be a part of his welcoming to UTC and this wonderful city that we call home!

A light grey color was chosen for the majority of the office, with the UTC Mocs blue as an accent wall. This picture shows the project in progress.


We also gave the office of the Head Coach’s Secretary a fresh look. This is what it looked like before and after we repainted. Door frames done in accent colors are not something that we see every day!


This what a portion of the Assistant Coach’s office looked like before/after it got its new paint job. Beige color, with Mocs blue and gold banner was exchanged for the same color scheme as in the other McKenzie Arena Coach’s offices.


Locker Rooms

UTC McKenzie Arena Locker Rooms

This is the Men’s Basketball Locker Room before repainting was done. On the protruding corner, across from the lockers, at the top, you can see the border has been pulled back, by our crew, just for this picture.


A part of the Locker Room where the border has been pulled down. It left some damage in its wake that isn’t visible in this picture.


A demonstration of the damage left behind when the border above the lockers was pulled down to prepare for repaint. We will not leave a wall like this and simply slap paint over it and call it a day. This required a lot of time to go back through and scrape, sand, patch, etc., to get ready for the finish coat.


Above the lockers where the banner once was. This is after the patch work was done and the finish coat of paint was applied.


Again we are proud to be a part of the University of Tennessee and look forward to future University projects!

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