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Summer Commercial Painting Stats 2017

Tim Payne Painting has been doing business with the Housing Department at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for several years now. Summer time is the busiest for painting projects, because most students are off-campus enjoying their break. This summer, between the first week of May, and the second week of August, our painters did some impressive work!
  • We used 5,480 gallons of paint! That amount of paint weighs 65,760 pounds! The weight is equivalent to two whole school buses!
  • We covered 216,665 linear feet of walls, equaling 41 miles! That is 2 million square feet of walls! That would be like painting the White House 30 times!
  • We cranked out 4,397 painted doors! If you lined the doors up side by side, they would stretch 4 miles long! That’s not including the frames!
  • At any given time, we had enough drop cloths and vinyl, protecting floors, to reach about 2 miles! That would be equivalent to about 8.5 Empire State Buildings!

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