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Military Base Project by Tim Payne

Below you will find some before and after pictures for one of our latest projects on a military base. This was a large project painting the exterior of four buildings that required intensive prep work, lift equipment and some specialized paint. Base Project 638 This is another example of Tim Payne Painting completing quality work with very strict specs. The very satisfied state agency customer is already looking at us to complete more work on the same base and maybe other military bases. Barracks Before and After-509

Tim Payne Attends TACUHO

Tim Payne Painting is committed to providing the best service possible to our customers and that includes attending special events like TACUHO, Tennessee Association of College and University Housing Officers. The purpose of the association is to provide an organization in which institutions of higher education in Tennessee and interested individuals, i.e. Tim Payne Painting, may work together to promote the residential life on higher education campuses in all its physical, fiscal, educational, cultural, developmental, and recreational aspects. TACUHO We had a great time meeting the officers and providing free information about our company and how we provide excellent service in campus environments. The event was a huge success and we already look forward to attending TACUHO in 2016.

Tim Payne Painting employs students

Tim Payne Painting has a diverse staff. All age ranges, genders, ethnicities, skill levels, you name it! If we are working on a college campus, such as UTC, we like to give the students the opportunity to work for us as a way to give back to the community. It works out nicely hiring college students because if we have work on a campus, it most likely has to be done while students are out of school. This also eliminates the stress of laying people off at the end of a University job, both for our company, and for the individual; a smooth, predictable situation. Here are a couple of our employees that worked for us before and after their senior years in high school.

Joseph Tillery is an 18 year old East Ridge High School graduate of this year. He played Football as a quarterback and free safety, as well as Basketball as a small forward. Because of his success on the field, he was offered full scholarships to Wofford, UTC, Tennessee Tech, TSU, Maryville College, Tusculum College, and Carson Newman! He chose to go with Wofford to study Education.


Tim Payne Painting would like to say congratulations, and to continue to employ Joseph if he chooses to come back to Chattanooga during school vacations.

jojo in suit

Allen Lee Jr. is a graduate of East Ridge High School. He is 18 years old and this is his second year on our team. He played Football for the Pioneers for four years as their left tackle (#72), and was also on the Baseball and Basketball teams during his senior year. Tim Payne Painting was flexible with his schedule, so that he could be successful in his studies as well as his extracurricular activities. He will be attending East Tennessee State University this semester, and play for their Buccaneers football team while starting his freshman year of college.

Allen number 72

Thank you Allen for all of your hard work! We hope to see you next summer!

Allen in work clothes

UT Knoxville calls Tim Payne Painting to the rescue!

The reputation of Tim Payne Painting is now known throughout much of the southeast; we have had our painters in Decatur Alabama, Marietta Georgia, our local University here in Chattanooga, and now at UT Knoxville, to name a few.

Tom DiMarco our loyal sales rep. from PPG Paints, gave us the lead for our first UT Chattanooga endeavor in 2012. It all started with the remodeling of Stagmaier Hall, which was subbed out to us through J&J Contractors. We also did some work in Stophel Apartments that same year with them. After we showed what we’re made of, the University was impressed, as you can read in our reviews, and Tim Payne Painting was invited to bid on all of the painting that the University would need for the next several years! Needless to say, we won the bid, and are very proud of that accomplishment!

Once we got our feet in the door at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, we made some connections quickly. Our work was recognized as extraordinary, which you can read in the review by Bud Sisler and a few others. A letter of recommendation was sent to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville! Turns out, there were several projects that needed to be finished quickly, that their current painters could not keep up with, and since Tim Payne Painting had already had a state contract in place, we were able to drive up-state, to the rescue, within the week! Below is a taste of UTK’s needs that we have fulfilled this summer.

We first touched down at Ferris Hall on UT Knoxville campus.

exterior ferris

The interior of an office; the windows, walls, and door frames pictured here are finished.

UTK Ferris interior office

Next stop, McClung Tower on UTK campus. It is mostly an Administrative building that stretches up 12 stories on Volunteer Boulevard. This picture gives an idea of what we got ourselves into!

UTK McClung Tower exterior pic

Inside McClung Tower, some damage was left behind. Our painters swooped in, patched it up, and after painting the walls with two coats, it’s as if the damage was never done!

UTK McClung Tower Shelving Damage

We then went over to the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation building also known as HPER. In one of the areas of this facility, there was an outdated border that needed to go. It was glued down especially well, so the trick is to prime and mud over it. It worked flawlessly, as if the border was never there!

UTK HPER border before during after

Next on the agenda was a slew of offices in the Communications building.

UTK Communications building exterior

These are all finished rooms.

UTK SIS Communications offices

Bailey Education Complex was our last stop for this visit.

UTK BEC building exterior

An art gallery in Bailey was a mustard color before we got a hold of it. The displays were taken down, it was given a repaint, and the room gives off a fresh vibe now.

UTK BEC Art Gallery

UTK BEC office a112

Tim Payne Painting wins projects like these because we have shown over the years, that, no matter the job, we can tackle it; we are flexible, and have multiplied our staff twenty fold! We have never missed a deadline, and customer satisfaction has never been a problem. Tim Payne Painting has proven to have the skills to recommend for the southeast! Boy, are we ready for more!

Tim Payne Painting knocks out almost 400 student housing apartments in the summer of 2015, on top of other Facilities work!

Tim Payne Painting has a lot to be proud of this summer!

We have a multi-year service contract to provide painting services and a multi-year service contract to provide pressure washing needs for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (a.k.a. UTC). During the college’s 2015 summer break, approximately 254 student housing apartments are being painted (work is always growing)! We have our painters in numerous Facilities buildings on campus this season as well such as Hunter Hall, the Women’s Center, Pfeiffer Hall, and the McKenzie Arena!

Because of a recommendation from staff at UTC, The University of Tennessee at Knoxville (a.k.a. UTK or UT, [home of the Tennessee Volunteers]) brought Tim Payne Painting to the rescue, a few weeks ago, to meet some deadlines in a hurry. McClung Tower, H.P.E.R., and Bailey Education Complex are a couple examples, and there will be a blog (or many blogs) about UTK coming soon! Of course, we are exceeding expectations with our work there! Check out the reviews to prove it!

Another new client has called upon Tim Payne Painting to fulfill their painting needs this summer – Walk2Campus! The schedule is set; 117 student housing rooms will need to be painted within the first two weeks of August!

Tim Payne Painting has conquered a majority of these apartments, rooms, and facilities already, and because of the skill and pace of our painters, we have never missed a deadline, and never will!

… I have had the pleasure of working with Tim and his crew since the 2012 remodeling project. His thoroughness and attention to detail is impeccable. He always finds ways to save the University money with material costs while maintaining the use of the best products available for each specific need. He works alongside the various University project managers to maintain budget projections and keeps accurate records on labor and material costs, which are attached to each invoice… I routinely recommend him to other vendors and contacts and would be the first person I would call if I needed him to work on my own property.
— Bud Sisler – Maintenance Supervisor for Housing and Residence Life at UTC.